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Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan

Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council 2013 ©

Sustainability Appraisal APPRAISAL

In March 2013 a Scoping Report was prepared.  

This report details the baseline information for Chaddesley Corbett. The data has been used to inform the development of the Sustainability Appraisal framework for the Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan. The majority of the data has been taken from the 2011 census and existing District Council records. The report begins with an introduction to the Parish of Chaddesley Corbett. Following on from that the information is set out under the three widely recognised aspects of sustainable development:

At the same time, a draft Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report was prepared.   These reports were circulated to statutory consultees for consultation and responses incorporated into the report.

Scoping Report Baseline Data

Sustainability Appraisal

Responses to Consultations:

Schedule of Responses

Sustainability Appraisal Report January 2014

Revised Sustainability Appraisal Report March 2014 (after formal consultations)