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Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan

Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council 2013 ©

Final Consultation Statement July 2014


Residents and businesses are being consulted at every stage of the process.   

Residents first heard about the Neighbourhood Plan in a newsletter sent out in July 2012 and this was followed up with a Progress Report in November 2012.   Included with this was a consultation on the proposed Vision Statement, which was later adopted in December 2012.

Parish Council Annual Report 2011/12

Newsletter No. 1 - July 2012

Newsletter No. 2 - November 2012

In February 2013 a questionnaire was sent to all residents in the Parish asking for their opinion on various suggestions for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan.   A similar questionnaire was also sent to local businesses and their employees. Children were invited to complete an on-line survey.  Copies of the survey forms are available from the following links:

Residents Survey  This questionnaire was sent by post to every address on the electoral register, with a return stamped addressed envelope.

Residents Survey February 2013

Children’s Survey This questionnaire has been specially designed for young people to complete on line.   

Children’s Survey February 2013

Business Survey This questionnaire has been delivered by hand or post to each business in the Parish and is available to complete on line:

Business Survey February 2013

Employees Some employees of businesses in the parish may not live in the parish itself.   A separate questionnaire was prepared and was distributed through employers.

Employees Survey February 2013

The results of these surveys are now available by following the links below:

Residents Survey April 2013

Business Survey April 2013

Employees Survey April 2013

Newsletter April 2013

On 21 September 2013 a public forum took place in the new Chaddesley Corbett village school.   Residents had been invited by personal invitation through every door, and were called to the event by the Kidderminster Town Crier.  

Posters and a powerpoint presentation were shown in the main hall with lots of information on how far we had got with our Neighbourhood Plan.   A further presentation took place in the music room outlining all the proposals for the plan. Residents were invited to comment on all the suggested proposals.  

Feedback indicated that there was widespread support for the proposals.  

Summary of of Objectives and comments from residents

Feedback from residents

Powerpoint Presentation of Objectives

In November 2013 the Steering Group presented a draft Neighbourhood Plan to the Parish Council.  See link below for schedule of comments received following this consultation.

Feedback from Parish Councillors

Newsletter to Residents and Businesses January 2014


A formal consultation letter has been sent to all those shown on the attached lists

List 1

List 2

List 3

Businesses in the village

Consultion Responses January-February 2014

A copy of the Submission Consultation Statement is now available.   Click to open a pdf copy

 Clerk to the Parish Council                               Yvonne L Scriven

Urloxhey House


Nr Droitwich



Telephone: 01299 851654

Mobile:       07415 207244

January 2014


Public Consultation on Draft Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan and Draft Sustainability Appraisal Report

I am writing to advise you that the Chaddesley Corbett Draft Neighbourhood Plan and the accompanying Draft Sustainability Appraisal have been published for consultation by Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council in accordance with Regulation 14 of The Neighbourhood Planning (General) Regulations 2012.  The Draft Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by the Steering Group building on the results of earlier rounds of informal consultation, including a questionnaire survey and drop in events.  

The consultation period runs for 6 weeks from from 13 January 2014 to 17:00 on Monday 24 February 2014.  The complete Draft Neighbourhood Plan, Draft Sustainability Appraisal, summary leaflet and background documents can be viewed and downloaded from the Parish Council’s website at www.chaddesleyplan.org.uk and Wyre Forest District Councils website: www.wyreforestdc.gov.uk/neighbourhoodplanning.  Hard copies of the Plan are available in St Cassians Church from 09:00 to 18:00 each day and Kidderminster Library during normal opening hours.  

The Parish Council will be holding two drop in events.  The first will be at The Oaks Community Hall on Wednesday 23 January 2014 from 14:00 to 20:00 and on Wednesday 29 January 2014 at the Village Hall, Chaddesley Corbett.  We have also arranged for an Exhibition in the foyer of the Wyre Forest House, Stourport Road, Kidderminster from Monday 3 February 2014 to Friday 7 February 2014, which will be manned between 13:30-15:00 each day

A Representation Form is provided, but the Parish Council also welcomes comments by email or in writing.  Please submit all comments on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan by email to clerk@chaddesleyparishcouncil.org.uk or by post to The Clerk at the above address.   All responses should be received by 17:00 on Monday 24 February 2014.

Following the consultation process on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan, the Plan will be amended and submitted to Wyre Forest District Council together with supporting documentation, including the Consultation Statement setting out who has been consulted, how the consultation has been undertaken and how the representations received have informed the Plan.  Wyre Forest District Council will then publicise the Plan for a period of six weeks before it is subjected to an Examination by an independent Examiner.  Once any further amendments have been made the Plan will be subjected to a local Referendum, and then Made by the District Council and used to determine planning applications in the Parish.

If you require any further information please contact The Clerk, Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council at clerk@chaddesleyparishcouncil.org.uk or by post to the above address.

Yours sincerely

Yvonne L Scriven

Clerk to the Parish Council