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Chaddesley Corbett Neighbourhood Plan

Chaddesley Corbett Parish Council 2013 ©

Neighbourhood Plan - Evidence Base

A large number of reports and documents have helped us to frame our Objectives and Proposals.   These documents are available by clicking the name below:-

Plan for the Parish of Chaddesley Corbett

Parish Plan Vision Statements

Parish Design Statement

Design Statement Principles 1

Design Statement Principles 2

Action Plan for Parish Plan

Chaddesley Corbett (Wikipedia)

Wyre Forest District LDP Briefing Note 1

Wyre Forest District LDP Briefing Note 2

English Heritage local plan guidance

Working Group report on affordable housing 2008

WFDC Strategic Housing Land Availability - Allotments

WFDC Strategic Housing Land Availability - Briar Hill

WFDC Strategic Housing Land Availability - Old School Site

WFDC Strategic Housing Land Availability - Land off Fold Lane

WFDC Strategic Housing Land Availability - garage site, The Green

Assessment of Sites in Chaddesley Corbett for 11 affordable houses 2008

Office for National Statistics (Parish Headcounts)

OFNS (Parish Profile:  Accommodation and Tenure

OFNS (Parish Profile:  Households)

OFNS (Parish Profile:  People)

OFNS (Parish Profile: Work and Qualifications)

Travel Plan for Chaddesley Corbett Endowed Primary School

Speed Check Results A448

Speed Check Results Woodrow

Speed Limit Review Chaddesley Corbett

Rural Services Network Wyre Forest

Traffic in Villages:  Safety and Civility for Rural Roads

Traffic in Villages-Preliminary Research

Living Streets (National Charity that stands up for pedestrians)

Character Appraisal for Chaddesley Corbett Conservation Area

Open Map

Wyre Forest District Council Site Allocations July 2012

Planning Advisory Service

Worcestershire Strategic Housing Market Assessment

My Community Rights

My Community Rights

Revised Site Allocations and Revised Scoping Report Appendix B Wyre Forest

Local Lettings Policy-January 2011 Wyre Forest

Wyre Forest District Council Local Connection Policy

National Federation of Parks and Green Spaces

All Party Parliamentary Committee: Cycling Group

British Cycling

The Woodland Trust

Campaign to Protect Rural England

The Battle to Save England’s Ash Trees

Office for National Statistics Census 2011

Neighbourhood Summary

Lead Data List: Housing

Lead Data List: Education, Skills and Training

Lead View Table: Age Structure

Lead View Table: Accommodation Type-Household

Lead View Table: Household Size

Lead View Table: Tenure-People

Lead View Table: Tenure-Households

Print Friendly Table View: Accommodation Type-People

Print Friendly Table View: Methods of Travel to Work

Wyre Forest District Council Local Development Framework:  Site Allocations and Policies

Chaddesley Corbett Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report Baseline Data

Refusal Notice - Allotment Site

Refusal Notice - Rhubarb Field

Local Heritage List - Wyre Forest Leaflet

Housing Needs Survey Results December 2013

Housing Needs Survey Analysis December 2013

Open Space, Sport and Recreation Policy Statement

Traffic Survey Briar Hill 2013

Traffic Survey Hemming Way 2013

Traffic Survey near St Cassian’s Church 2013